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WEBhosting Myths

Common web hosting myths and facts about advertising practices that you might have come across:

MYTH: Bigger is not better. Do not fall for the trap that many web hosts lay, they promise huge amounts of resources for rock bottom prices but in reality are not able deliver them to all customers reliably.

Web Hosting Many web hosts are over selling their resources when they advertise that you get 5 GB, 10 GB or more of disk space. (These companies usually do not provide quality customer or technical support services, and are only interested in the bottom line.)
Web Hosting provides plans that provide resources that we guarantee will be available to you at all times.

FACT: Even the most complex eCommerce website will typically use 150 MB of web space with around 2,000 products.

Web Hosting Defeats the large disk space offerings by most web hosting providers.
Web Hosting's web hosting plans include what you need with adequate space for a growing website, all affordably and reliably.

FACT: The average size of a web site uses less than 2 MB of disk space in its entirety.

Web Hosting In comparison it is like taking a loan out for a $100,000 when you only need $10, that does not make economic sense does it?
Web Hosting's philosophy is quality over quantity, and a long lasting relationship with personal attention.

FACT: Many online web hosts run cheap servers with non-redundant parts.

Web Hosting Commonly found in many of these web host's servers are non-redundant IDE hard drives, which in essence mean that if there is a hard drive failure the whole server that hosts your data will be down until it can be fixed.
Web Hosting runs dual Intel Pentium or Xeon processors, in addition to redundantly mirrored SCSI hard drives, redundant power supplies, and automatic error correcting system memory on every server that we deploy. This ensures that there is always enough resources available for all the customers hosted on each of our servers. Our websites run on name brand servers such as the likes of IBM®, HP®, etc.